Sondag, 31 Maart 2013


I want introjuce my self, my name is Esti Ardiagarini, you can call me Esti, tie, or Ardiagarini. I live in Kertasari Ciamis, i live with my mother, my father and my mother, i have one brother he is Ari and he study in IAID Ciamis. My hobies are listen the music, watch movied comedy because all that make me happy and entertain my self. my senior high school is MAIG (Madrasah Aliyah Ibadul Ghofur) Rajadesa and now i am studing in IAID (Institut Agama Islam Darusalam) CiamisWest java province.I have hair is long, straight and black, i am slim and than i have white skin, i have pleasant personality, i am very friendly, so a have many friends and they were very good to me,  i have teachers are excellent.

Atmoshpere on the campus is very happy, the environment is good, the people are friendly. Atmoshpere at my college is very interesting, fun, cool air, and other. IAID campus has many facilties, such as praying, building NU, BMT, caferia, library, sport field, lavatories, and other.

I am currently not working but i have a plan to be to register as teachers in primary or scondary school, but until now i still consider it. As for my daily activities are going campus, learn and help the mother in the room. I hope the future is able to take advantage of all the knowledge i hove, and i can b successful.
thanks you..

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